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Ability to apply changes to multiple dashboard

Requested by: University of Luxembourg Concerns: Because the dashboard administrator manages four different LL accounts and they have similar config. Ideally, they would like to be able to set up, for example, one assist message and that can then ...
7 days ago in Librarian configurations 0

Change order of buttons in Alternatives pop-up

The Alternatives pop-up (for articles) now (since February 1, 2024) contains two buttons: Get citation and Access Article (Access Arti...). I would like to change the order of these buttons: showing Access Article on the left and Get Citation on t...
3 months ago in Cite 1 Feasibility review

Simplifying the Citation list

My patrons cannot parse the long list of crowd-sourced citation styles and variations. We need to have that list hidden from them and have the full list accessible from the dashboard so that the librarians can choose which to have displayed to our...
16 days ago in Cite 0

Get Citation - rename APA

In the list of styles, rename APA to include the edition (7th) - this is visible when you hoover over the style, but I would add it to the name as well (like the 5th and 6th edition).
3 months ago in Cite 1 Future consideration

Public change log of extension release

On behalf of: FernUni Schweiz Feedback: I would appreciate, if you would have regular public change logs and official communication about resolved bugs. This includes: bugs fixed, expected change of extension behaviour and new feature
20 days ago in Notifications 0

Pubmed search result page and Alternatives responses

Reported client: FernUni Schweiz Issue: Pubmed is the most important database in the biomedical field. They found that when searching on Pubmed, the result page will undoubtedly display multiple result. At this moment, Open Access Alternative woul...
20 days ago in Alternatives 0

Lean Library statistics: Search Engine Usage - give a different color to each column

Currently, all columns of the "Search Engine Usage" chart are in blue (Statistics -> Search Engines -> Search Engine Usage). This makes it very hard to distinguish between the different search engines in the chart. I would like to suggest gi...
2 months ago in Stats 1 Future consideration

Customise introductory wording for Cite function

We would like to be able to customise the wording that introduces the new Cite function, so that we can add any institution-specific guidance for our users when using the Cite function.
2 months ago in Cite / Pop-ups 1 Future consideration

Ability to search for eBook Alternative when both DOI and ISBN exist on a page

To replicate: please use Breda University for Applied Science Background: Currently, when DOI and ISBN exist on a webpage, the extension will always prioritise using DOI and looking for article alternatives. When there is no available full text, i...
2 months ago in Alternatives 5 Future consideration

Please create a support system where all of my colleagues can view the status of an issue

An issue turned in via your intercom system can not be followed by my colleagues. So I have to keep track of things myself in order for my colleagues there is an issue with something. At several organizations we can keep track via support numbers.
2 months ago in Other 1 Working on it